Be a Virtual Vagabond Via Random Rambling

Screenshot of Random Street View

Due to a wearisome wintry mix generating treacherous travel conditions throughout rural and metropolitan areas in the Georgia, many of my friends, colleagues, and acquaintances are stuck at home today. Home is a great place to be when weather makes driving so dangerous and deadly. Since  many of the people I know chafe at being sequestered in their own domiciles, I’m offering up a bit of a digital distraction today, a means of electronic egress from the shackles of familiar surroundings. RandomStreetView picks up visitors and drops them down in a random location. Travelers never really know where they are likely to end up. So what? It’s the journey–not the destination–that matters.

Article cited:
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Getting Lost in Maps

While wandering around in Hacker News, I came across Chris Peterson‘s absolutely nifty post, Map School: a Free Introduction to Geo and was delighted to gain entry into Map School territory. This looks like a great means of getting one’s bearings in landscape of digital mapping. I was particularly intrigued with the mention of choropleths. Reading the comment’s to Peterson’s post at Hacker News, I saw that someone mentioned that Dr. Anthony Robinson of Pennsylvania State University will be teaching a related Coursera course, Maps and the Geospatial Revolution.