On a Tear

Tired of threaded discussions? Have a ripping good time obliterating a curtain of digital fabric instead. CodePen’s Tearable Cloth is anything but terrible.

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Wait a Second…

This is an image of a broken clock, its parts scattered about.A second doesn’t seem like such a big deal, right? It’s just a wee sliver of time. What’s the harm in dropping an extra second into the vast ocean of a year? With well over 31 million seconds in a year (31,540,000 to be exact) who would even care or notice if we added one more?

As it turns out, the entire internet seems to be having second thoughts about the idea. Bob Yirka‘s concise Phys.org article,  Adding leap second this year expected to cause Internet problems explains how a mere chronological crumb may be enough to generate communicational and computational chaos.

Tuning Into History

Interested in the history of the adoption of and integration of technology in society and media? If so, an examination of how our government reacts to emerging technologies can be quite enlightening. Take a look at the United States House of Representatives. Why? The House’s Office of the Historian and the Clerk of the House‘s very nifty Office of Art and Archives collaborate to preserve the House’s institutional memory and make it available to the public.

What might we discover? A simple search reveals that the first live television broadcast coverage of an American congressional proceeding happened on this day in 1947. That’s right: TV came to call on Congress. The House Chamber telecast the opening of the 80th Congress.

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