Beautiful Noise

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I enjoy experimenting with audio especially if the sounds I am tinkering with lend themselves to relaxation. Being able to construct a soundscape that evokes multiple moods is a pleasure that could, if I had the time, provide me enormous delight for all of my days. That’s why I was so pleased to come across a website maintained by a genial signal processing engineer, Dr. Ir. Stéphane Pigeon. Although Dr. Pigeon’s alluring auditory work,, is designed primarily for sound therapists and hearing professionals, exploring the noises portion of the site is an exhilarating experience. Imagine expertly-crafted sounds wafting into your welcoming ears, systematically exciting your neurons, and refreshing your mind and you have a pretty good idea of how wonderful Dr. Pigeon’s site is. Find a sound set, put some headphones on, close your ideas and drift away into a soothing sonic universe. I like highly recommend Wind Noise.

Authoring Tools

Since I am currently visiting a home where high speed internet is essentially hobbled I have been doing a bit of offline reading today. I have been working my way through Paul Ford‘s review of outliners and authoring tools, As We May Type, in the December 2013 issue of the MIT Technology Review. Ford discusses the following:

I am intrigued by these tools and cannot wait to return home where my reliable high-speed internet access will give me an opportunity to explore each. I have seen or heard of most the tools but have not explored their features. I did download Ghost a few weeks ago. Even so, I  have yet to do anything with it.

Source: Ford, P. (2013). Reviews: As We May Type. MIT Technology Review, 116(6), 89-91.


Being in another city, another place, makes me appreciate the comforts of my own home. Where I am right now  has a maddeningly slow internet connection. My internet service provider, the Bulloch Telephone Cooperative has spoiled me. Those folks have gotten me addicted to a reliable, impressively fast connection to the rest of the world. I can certainly tell a difference when I roam far from home.