Wait a Second…

This is an image of a broken clock, its parts scattered about.A second doesn’t seem like such a big deal, right? It’s just a wee sliver of time. What’s the harm in dropping an extra second into the vast ocean of a year? With well over 31 million seconds in a year (31,540,000 to be exact) who would even care or notice if we added one more?

As it turns out, the entire internet seems to be having second thoughts about the idea. Bob Yirka‘s concise Phys.org article,  Adding leap second this year expected to cause Internet problems explains how a mere chronological crumb may be enough to generate communicational and computational chaos.

Picozu: Flashy Without Flash

I just started tinkering with Picozu. It’s a drawing and photo retouching application that’s built on Javascript, HTML 5 and CSS3. Since Picozu doesn’t run on any Flash or ActionScript, I’m predicting that mobile phone developers will enjoy playing around with it. As for me, I want to see how well it works on a Google Chromebook and an iPad as well as an old laptop where I’ve installed Wubi.

Up until now, I’ve been steering my students to Aviary and its rich assortment of tools. I am eager to see what they make of Picozu. I’m always on the lookout for tools and resources that don’t lock my learners into one way of doing things. Today’s students shouldn’t be dependent on vendor-specific plugins (like Flash) or tied to a particular machine.