Old, New, & Everything In Between

An image depicting the Roman god Janus, a mythical being with two faces gazing in opposite directions.According to ancient Roman farmers’ almanacs such as menologia rustica, the goddess Juno was the patron deity of the month of January. Even so, the first month of the year is a fortuitous time to think about what has been and what is yet to come. Explore Roman mythology for a little while and you’ll eventually come face-to-face with Janus, an interesting god with a fantastical physiognomy. Why should Janus pre-empt Juno? As it happens, this deity was called upon even before Jupiter, the ruler of the Roman pantheon. Why? What makes this god worthy of upstaging the king and queen of the gods? He is the archetypal embodiment of duality, endings, beginnings, and the portal betwixt the two. His divinely unique physiology that allows him to simultaneously peer deep into the past and gaze far into the future.