Know When To Hold ‘Em, Know When To Fold ‘Em

Over at Wheatpond, the ever engaging Eric Meltzer shares a spiffy bit of knowledge and skill: the Miura-ori, a captivating method for folding up a sheet of paper. What’s so ginchy about that? Once properly folded, the paper can be opened or closed fluidly, in one smooth mesmerizing motion.

Judge for yourself. You can see the action (pardon the pun) unfold in hosoken2100‘s YouTube video  below.

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So Many eBooks, So Little Time!

Wandering around Project Gutenberg when everyone else is asleep is like having an entire library to explore. It’s a guilty pleasure I abandon myself to without the least bit of remorse. The last time I was nosing around, I found Myths of the Norsemen From the Eddas and Sagas (published in 1909) by the noted British historian H. A. Guerber. The book contains stirring accounts of the intrigues among the Norse gods, denizens of a universe they were doomed to destroy in a tragic last battle. Along with stories, readers will delight in fascinating images like the one below: a wondrous depiction of a giant with a flaming sword by John Charles Dollman, an English painter and illustrator.

The Giant with the Flaming Sword by J. C. Dollman

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Fontastic Time Killer: Logoswipe

Thanks to a post from nedwin over at Hacker News, I could spend have spent hours playing with Logoswipe. I read the tagline: “You don’t need a logo, you need a type face,” and I was hooked.


If you really a few hours to while away, try this: make a logoswipe and look at the resulting URL, something like Change the number at the end. Type a lower number–for example, in this case  something like 1602–in its place and you’ll see logos that others have made. Fonterrific!



Meet the Beetles: Mike Libby’s Insect Lab Studio

Meet the BeetlesWhile others may be trying to get rid of any number of six-legged critters, artist Mike Libby is busily constructing them. His site, Insect Lab Studio, hosts images of mechanical creations that fascinate and evoke thoughts of science-fiction steeped in steampunk fauna. The cog and mainspring creepy-crawlies Libby assembles are beautiful and and instructive. His quasi-robotic works make viewers want to know more about their real-world counterparts. Fly over to  Insect Lab Studio and see what the buzz is all about.

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What the Dickens?

Celebrating the birth of a literary legend, Michael Cavna‘s thoroughly enlightening and entertaining Comic Riffs blog inundates readers with a deluge of Dickensian delights.

Other delicious Dickensian diversions:

Google Doodle celebrating Dickensian characters


If You Have a Big Appetite for Fresh Ideas…

DIY Modular Gourmet Chocolates

…you need to explore Christopher Jobson’s beautiful art, design, and physical craft blog, Colossal. Why? The blog provides a banquet for minds that hunger for inspiration expressed beyond the digital realm. Although Jobson’s subjects and discoveries focus upon tactile works, they inspire sumptuous insights. I can’t wait to drop by each week to see what’s on the menu. Jobson, a writer for Wired Magazine and contributor to designboom, gives visitors to his blog a rich serving of thought-provoking images. I get so many ideas after digesting a helping of his fabulous fare! Sample a bit yourself and you’ll soon develop a taste for creativity.