Famous Physicists

Want to add historical context to the study of physics? If so, check out the growing library of transcripts of oral history interviews held at the Niels Bohr Library and Archives. All this goodness comes to the world via the American Institute of Physics. Enjoy!


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  • HyperPhysics will have you bouncing off the walls!
  • Think you know everything there is to know about physics? Some folks might be inclined to disagree. Check out the Skeptic’s Guide to Physics for intriguing views.

Setting the Right Tone for Learning: ToneMatrix

Playing with sound is fun. Don’t believe me? Check out ToneMatrix over at aM Laboratory and you’ll immediately understand what I’m talking about. In fact, there a number of intriguing items worthy of inspection in Andre Michelle‘s repository of cognitive coolness.


Aside from just being wonderfully fun to play with and listen to, ToneMatrix is an excellent example of what learning ought to be like. The people I’ve talked to tell me that it’s practically addictive. Why isn’t learning about Mathematics, Science, History, Literature, and other academic pursuits like this? What does it take to make exploring a concept, process, or viewpoint habit-forming? Any thoughts?

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  • If you like ToneMatrix, look at a project called Muxicall. It was created by Diana Antunes as part of her work for the New Technologies of Communication degree at the University of Aveiro in Portugal. A particularly spiffy feature of Muxicall is that Diana integrates ideas proposed by good old Sir Isaac Newton (1642–1727) creating a pleasing, visible interface between notes of music and color.

The Writing on the Wall: Graffiti Creator

Today, I shared one of my favorite sites with a few new friends. The teachers I was speaking to asked me to share an interesting way to communicate an idea. I smiled and said, “Write it on a wall.” My friends laughed. Afterward, I showed them how Graffiti Creator can make a written idea a little more noticable and fun.

To make the image below, I used Graffiti Creator to create the graffiti. Next, I used a free screen capture program (Jing or ScreenHunter Free, take your pick) to snap a picture of my creation. Finally, I fired up GIMP, opened up an image of a brick wall, and dropped my custom-made graffiti in a layer on top of it.



Fly Me to the Moon: Celebrating the 40th Anniversary of the Apollo 11 Lunar Landing

316812main_08718NSA Logo_with_border-RGB

On this day in 1969 (only a month before the Woodstock Festival drew national attention and four months before kids began looking for the way to Sesame Street),

Later Armstrong and Edwin “Buzz” Aldrin became the first humans to walk on the lunar surface.

Integrate a little technology, drop by NASA’s official Apollo 40th Anniversary site and celebrate this historic event. It’s easy! Thanks to “spin-off” innovations that resulted from America’s exploration of space and subsequent mission to the moon, sharing and retrieving information is simple. What are you waiting for? Blast off!

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