Colorful Experiences

Well, well, well. I’m two weeks into the new year and completely inundated. I promised myself that I’d post faithfully each day. The only thing I can say in my defense is that I’ve been busy working with Flash.

I find it maddeningly frustrating and supremely useful.

I will adapt.

In the meantime, if you’re working with Flash, too and looking for a handy tool for picking out color schemes, check out ColoRotate.

colorotateThis has become one of my favorite resources for assembling new chromatic styles. Be warned, though. You can spend hours being dazzled by all of the variety.

Happy GNU Year!


Welcome to 2010!

Up until now I’ve been so wrapped up in my new job that I’ve been too busy to post much of anything else. I have to prove my mettle and it has taken a great deal of my time. That said, I haven’t given up blogging. In fact, one of my resolutions for this year is to get back in the habit of blogging something each day. I know, from experience, that the process of searching and sharing helps me keep my mental toolbox of ideas well-stocked and ready for action.

To kick off the process, I’m going to suggest that all of my friends resolve to learn about, support, and use GNU resources when possible. By supporting GNU, we foster an intellectual environment that recognizes the importance of the freedom to

  • run a program, for any purpose
  • study how a program works, and adapt it to one’s needs
  • redistribute copies of a program so as to help others and
  • improve a program, and release improvements to the public, so that everyone benefits.

Note that I am NOT advocating the practice of pirating software. I am, however, suggesting that everyone use already existing, great, FREE software like that available on the GNU site.

Have a great year!