Something Old, Something New

Three years ago I purchased an Asus Eee PC 900 series computer. Since that time, I’ve taken it with me on a lot of trips to conferences and meetings. My little companion often served as a secondary computer for note-taking and another means of web-browsing while my other computers were busy being used for digital video editing.

Although the Eee PC came loaded with a useful Linux-based operating system known as Xandros, I couldn’t keep myself from installing any number of other operating systems (both Windows and Linux) to see what my little netbook could and would do. I enjoy experimenting. I made bootable USBs and loaded operating systems such as Eeebuntu (the Aurora Project has links to old and new versions of this OS) , Puppy Linux, Xubuntu, as well as Hexxeh’s hugely popular ChromiumOS build, Flow, on the machine. Each time I did, I learned something new (like how and why to use Windows Image WriterUNetbootin, and other related resources).

After my numerous fits of tinkering, I began to understand that the Eee PC needed a restoration back to its original factory settings. Unfortunately, I misplaced the restore DVD that came with the machine.  Ugh! Thankfully, after visiting the eeeUser Forum and reading a number of posts (and learning about tips like the nifty F9 trick), I was able to get my machine back to its original settings. After getting everything back to its original state, I dropped by the Ubuntu site and downloaded the netbook version of the Ubuntu OS.

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