Escape with AirScape, an HTML5 Platform Game

Well, you can see what has been consuming all of the hours I usually set aside for blogging. My latest lovable time-sink is a rollicking rotary game called AirScape. Not only do those crafty folks at Scirra make addictive games, they give you access to resources that will allow you to do the same.

AirScape, HTML5 Platform Game

3 thoughts on “Escape with AirScape, an HTML5 Platform Game

  1. It is cool that u posted this, because i am actually using the same program to create games o my own. I will try and send you a link to my game page. However, none of them will be on this level. 😀 😀

    Thanks for all the stuff you post, Michael

  2. Hello there, glad to see you enjoyed my game!
    I would be interested to see how far you have progressed in the game, as I made it quite hardcore, what level did you make it up to? did any levels specifically annoy you (more than was intended, of course 😉 )?

  3. I’m not sure how far I got, but it was significantly far into the game. Sorry I wasn’t able to provide this feedback earlier, I didn’t even see this comment.

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