Me? I’m just an ordinary guy trying to make the world a better place for children, my friends, and the people I love. I’m willing to share what little I know with anyone. I’ve presented at GAETC, NECC, and other, related gatherings. I’m passionate about my desire to help anyone of any age enjoy the pleasure of learning. I’m determined to do whatever I can to help administrators, teachers, students, parents, and communities as they try to gain a better understanding of how technology resources and tools can improving their ability to learn. If you think I can help you, please contact me.

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  1. Hey Mr. Giddens, How’s it going? I just wanted to ask you if had done any work with Arduino. I recently began working with it again, and purchased some parts and add-ons for it. It is quite a cool little system,and I am going to start to post my projects on my website. I’m glad you have been posting again, I enjoy reading everything that you post.

  2. Hey Mr. Giddens, not sure if your still reading these, but I was wondering if you were fine with me using your rss feeds for a test android app I am about to start working on.

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