Copyright, Right?

I’m constantly getting questions about what educators can and can’t do with copyrighted material. Some instructors are so terrified of copyright restrictions that they totally forgo using any copyrighted material. That’s sad, because many copyrighted resources are excellent tools for learning and teachers really needn’t feel so restricted. Thankfully, one of my friends, a media specialist’s media specialist by the name of Paula Galland, recently sent me a link to a great resource that’s designed to discern whether a teacher’s intended use of copyrighted material meets U.S. legal requirements. Exceptions for Instructors presents straightforward questions that teachers can answer in order to find out if their intended use of copyrighted material will be problematic.


Thanks, Paula!

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Free, Lively Images via Morguefile

When teachers ask me where they can get free image reference resources for various multimedia projects, I steer them to MorgueFile. It’s a site that contains digital imagery that has been supplied by numerous photographers and artists around the world. What makes MorgueFile so appealing is that the images that reside there are high resolution and copyright free!