The League of (Extraordinary) Movable Type

The League of Movable Type

I was exploring Explore GitHub when the title of Adam Stacoviak and Wynn Netherland‘s auditory offering, The Changelog Podcast, caught my eye. I saw, with great delight, that the guest of Episode 0.7.4 was Micah Rich from The League of Moveable Type speaking about open source typography.

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  • is a must-visit site for anyone fascinated with fonts.
  • Be sure to check out Lettercase, Micah’s minimalist font manager.
  • During the podcast, Micha mentioned that he was in awe of the work of Jonathan Hoefler and Tobias Frere-Jones. Go to and you can certainly see why he’s impressed.

Planting a Passion for Polychromatic Pleasure: Design Seeds

Screenshot from Jessica Colaluca's chromatically enchanting Design SeedsSearching for ideas, beauty, and or trichromatic transcendence? If so, be sure to visit  Design Seeds on a regular basis. Jessica Colaluca, an individual with a finely honed sense of chromatic compatibility shares captivating color combinations via her blog. It’s a tantalizing treat for the eyes. Drawing upon 17 years experience working in color design and forecasting, Jessica kindly allows visitors to her site to accompany her on a journey of inspiration through a prismatic paradise that surrounds all of us. Viewing her images makes one wonder what other alluring color palette prizes we might be overlooking during our daily hustle and bustle encounters with the world.

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Dramatic Chromatics

Color Schemer is a cool, web-based color coordinator. It’s handy when chromatic appeal is an integral factor in a project-based unit. Why not share this with students and teachers who routinely fret over getting the perfect look for a webpage, slideshow, or graphic?


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