I’ve Got Your Number

If you teach elementary mathematics, stop what you’re doing and drop by the flash-powered Ptolemy Primitives page. You’ll be glad you did. Designed by Alec McEachran, a math teacher/software developer, this impressive web-based resource gives students an engaging means of visualizing the structure of numbers, in the context of their prime factors. For even more mathematical musings, read Alec’s blog.


Making the Circuit

Are you exploring electricty and how it’s used to power all of the indispensable gadgets that surround us? If so, you’re in luck. Paul Falstad has a number of engaging demonstrations that simulate electronic circuits.

If you’re teaching a higher level of Mathematics or Physics or, perhaps, combining both disciplines, Falstad also has other, applet-powered visual resources that’ll help your students envision the concepts you’re discussing.

Ohms Law